Lemonade Day Lubbock is Empowering Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.
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Lubbock Lemonade Day is coming May 2016!

Simply put, Lemonade Day is about providing kids of all ages the opportunity to EXPERIENCE entrepreneurship by planning, starting, owning, and operating their own business:  a lemonade stand! And it’s FREE!

Just follow these steps to Build a Stand and Spark a Dream!

Build a Stand, Spark a Dream

• Step 1:   Sign up for Lemonade Day

• Step 2:  Get your Lemonade Day backpack at the YWCA

• Step 3: Find a Mentor, Investor and Stand Location

• Step 4:  Participate in one or more of our workshops and events

• Step 5:  Check your email for more tips and information

• Step 6:  Put Your Stand on the Map and Build Your Own Website

• Step 7:  “Like” us on Facebook at Lubbock Lemonade Day to hear about contests and let us know where your stand will be.

• Step 8:  Set up your stand on LUBBOCK LEMONADE DAY

• Step 9:  Share your results with us by filling out the Business Results Form

• Step 10:  Enjoy your new status: YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR!


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