Are you ready to make your own money?

To learn how to own your own business? To serve us lots of lemonade on May 9th?

Still not sure what it takes?

The steps are simple, and the workbook in your free backpack will explain everything!

• Step 1: Sign up for Lemonade Day and get your FREE backpack at the YWCA

• Step 2: Set your goal, form a budget, get an investor and pick your location

• Step 3: Participate in one or more of our workshops and contests

• Step 4: Check your email for more tips and information

• Step 5: Set up your stand on LUBBOCK LEMONADE DAY: Saturday, May 9th

• Step 6: “Like” us on Facebook at Lubbock Lemonade Day to hear about contests and let us know where your stand will be.

• Step 7: Share your results with us by filling out the Business Results Form

• Step 9: Enjoy your new status: YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR!


Help one or more children plan, open, and operate their stand.
Click here to register.


Lubbock is abuzz with Lemonade Day! Would you mind if one of them set up shop at your place of business? Just post on our Facebook page and they will seek permission.

Local Businesses

Kids across Lubbock can’t wait for 2015 Lemonade Day! Thousands of youth will open their very own business all around town on May 9th. Have a great location for one of them to set up shop? Let us know by emailing and on Facebook.

Buy Lemonade

We need every citizen of Lubbock to buy at least 3 glasses of lemonade on May 9th! And be sure and ask the new business owner about their stand, their theme, what they learned or perhaps what charity they plan to support. Lubbock Lemonade Day is a great community-wide event where 500 new businesses are created in a single day! But new businesses need new customers!